06 to 20 January Fixtures

The fixtures up to and including 20 January 2018 are now available on the website and will shortly be sent out to all parties via Full Time.

Barring any errors, which clubs will of course immediately inform the League Fixtures Secretary about, the only changes should be as a result of adverse weather conditions causing the postponement of matches. Such changes will be advised to clubs in the normal way.

The weather has so far been kind to us but it does not mean that the remainder of the winter will be likewise so all clubs are asked to co-operate should there need to be any fixture changes.

Just because you have not been given a fixture on a particular Saturday does not mean that you will not get one and these changes can be made up to and including the Monday before the particular Saturday.

Clubs are reminded that should any matches be postponed, relevant people must be immediately contacted by telephone, not by text or email.

Fixtures for 27 January 2018 will be completed after the Essex Junior Trophy matches on 06 January 2018.

Clubs are also advised that Runwell Sports have a spare pitch every weekend, so if you have any problems with your own pitch, please contact Ian Nuding at Runwell Sports who may be able to accommodate you.