Essex Junior Cup

Last Updated: 16 September 2018

The 2018-2019 draw involving our clubs

FIRST ROUND - 29 September 2018 2:00 p.m. K.O

6Herongate Athletic ReservesvRunwell Sports Reserves
7Buckhurst Hill ReservesvBroomfield
9WrittlevEpping Town
11Haver TownvHutton Reserves
12White Ensign ReservesvOld Southendian Reserves
14Bowers & Pitsea Under 23vLaindon Orient
16Lakeside ReservesvLopes Tavares London Reserves

SECOND ROUND - 13 October 2018 2:00 p.m. K.O

28Old Chelmsfordian ReservesvShenfield A.F.C. Reserves
29Herongate Athletic Reserves/Runwell Sports ReservesvOracle Components
31RoydonvWrittle/Epping Town
32Springfield ReservesvChingford Athletic Reserves
33Galleywood ReservesvBuckhurst Hill Reserves/Broomfield
34Brentwood Town Under 21/SumnersvHaver Town/Hutton Reserves
35Academy Soccer ReservesvShoebury Town Reserves
36Rayleigh Town 'A'vLeigh Town
37Bowers & Pitsea Under 23/Laindon OrientvBKS Sports
38Catholic United ReservesvWhite Ensign Reserves/Old Southendian Reserves
39CorinthiansvRailway Academicals/Wakebury
40Basildon Town ReservesvWakering Sports
41Extreme UnitedvRochford Town Reserves
42Ryan Reserves (Withdrawn)vToby ReservesBye
43Redbridge FC DevelopmentvLakeside Reserves/ Lopes Tavares London Reserves
44Newbury Forest ReservesvLymore Gardens
46London Park City/Jolof SportsvCollier Row
47Old Barkabbeyans vThree Colts
49Dagenham UnitedvMelbourne Sports

THIRD ROUND - 10 November 2018 1:30 p.m. K.O

50Winner of Tie 39 vWinner of Tie 21
51Winner of Tie 40vWinner of Tie 25
52Winner of Tie 45vWinner of Tie 46
53Winner of Tie 33vWinner of Tie 35
54Winner of Tie 48vWinner of Tie 32
55Winner of Tie 29vWinner of Tie 30
56Winner of Tie 22vWinner of Tie 20
57Winner of Tie 38vToby Reserves
58Winner of Tie 31vWinner of Tie 34
59Winner of Tie 37vWinner of Tie 49
60Winner of Tie 18vWinner of Tie 36
61Winner of Tie 41vWinner of Tie 23
62Winner of Tie 47vWinner of Tie 44
63Winner of Tie 43vWinner of Tie 28
64Winner of Tie 26vWinner of Tie 24
65Winner of Tie 19vWinner of Tie 27

FOURTH ROUND - 01 December 2018 1:30 p.m. K.O.

66Winner of Tie 50vWinner of Tie 60
67Winner of Tie 57vWinner of Tie 59
68Winner of Tie 63vWinner of Tie 53
69Winner of Tie 56vWinner of Tie 61
70Winner of Tie 55vWinner of Tie 62
71Winner of Tie 52vWinner of Tie 51
72Winner of Tie 54vWinner of Tie 58
73Winner of Tie 64vWinner of Tie 65

QUARTER-FINALS - 26 January 2019 1:30 p.m. K.O.

74Winner of Tie 71vWinner of Tie 72
75Winner of Tie 69vWinner of Tie 68
76Winner of Tie 67vWinner of Tie 73
77Winner of Tie 66vWinner of Tie 70

SEMI-FINALS - 09 February 2019 1:30 p.m.

78Winner of Tie 74vWinner of Tie 77
79Winner of Tie 75vWinner of Tie 76