2018-19 Fixture Schedule

This season apart from losing six U21 teams, eleven other teams have withdrawn from the league since the June AGM. This has greatly reduced the number of matches to be played in each of the affected divisions

In 2016-17 there were 205 weather postponements, 2017-18 there were 239 but this season there have so far been only 64.

These are the reasons some teams have finished early.

There are only two mid-week fixtures at the moment, a number that is by far the lowest since records began.

When deciding on the size of each division the aim is to finish the season at the end of April. In the vast majority of seasons this leads to a large number of mid-week matches having to be played. This season the reverse has happened.

We base this decision on division sizes on what has happened in the past as we cannot know how many teams will resign or what the weather will be during the season.

Usually the league get criticised due to the large number of mid-week matches that have to be played. This season we have been criticised for the fact that some teams have finished their season early.

Whatever the league does there will be criticism from somewhere. This is unfortunately a fact of life and it is up to others to decide whether that criticism is justified.