Authentication of Players Registration

Last Updated: 12 August 2017

It has been agreed that in order to assist in combating the playing of unregistered or otherwise ineligible players, any Club Official may request that all of the opposition players and substitutes sign an “Authentication of Registration Form” in accordance with League Rule 8 (Q), at any match under the control of the Essex Olympian Football League.

A copy of the form and instructions for it completion can be downloaded from the link below and is also available from the menu on the League website. This check should be carried out prior to the match kicking off and the Referee should be advised that it is taking place in case there is a delay in the kick off for which neither team will be penalised.

League officers will continue to carry out independent registration checks as they have in previous seasons.

Clubs may also in accordance with League Rule 8 (R) request that an individual player completes a “Player Authentication Form”

The Authentication of Registration Form & Guide can be downloaded via the link in the left hand menu at the bottom of this page