Checking on Player Suspensions

We are advised by the E.C.F.A. that “The suspensions aspect of integration between the Whole Game System and Full-Time is not complete for this season.”

Clubs however can use the following link to check if their opposition have any suspended players. This facility is also available for clubs to check on their own players suspensions but this information is available to them on WGS.

Suspended Players

If you find that your opposition have played a suspended player you should immediately contact the League Registration Secretary Clive Cheeseman at

If you have any queries regarding players shown on the above list you should contact Fran Smith at the E.C.F.A. on (01245) 393083 or by e-mail at Fran Smith

No League Officer has any input in to what appears on this list

A link to the above suspensions page can also be found in the central menu at the bottom of the page.