Club Members on Management Committee

Last updated: June 12th, 2020.

Current Members who clubs should contact if they want anything raised at the Management Committee Meeting have an asterisk next to them (*).

1967-70J. Burke (Essex Police)
1967-70L. Green (British Mathews)
1967-68R. Ham (Billericay Town)
1967-73P. Hunt (B. S. Swifts)
1967-72G. Pattinson (Burnham Ramblers)
1967-75K. V. Poole (Writtle)
1967-91S. A. Sewell (Dunmow)
1967-68B. Walker (Collier Row)
1968-73E. McCluskey (Manor Athletic)
1968-69A. Steward (Crittalls Braintree)
1969-72B. Newman (Bowers United)
1970-71J. E. McCall (E.C.C. Staff)
1971-74D. Carver (E.C.C. Staff)
1971-73G. Stafford (Sawbridgeworth)
1972-73D. Payne (Brentwood Athletic)
1972-83S. J. Burrell (Runwell Hospital)
1973-75L. R. Ardley (Herongate Athletic)
1973-79R. S. Coles (Ongar Town)
1973-74B. Baker (Benfleet)
1973-86T. Jones (Essex Police)
1974-75D. G. Lutkin (Chadwell Heath)
1974-75C. W. D. Simpson (R.H.P. Sports)
1975-79B. Kettle (Herongate Athletic)
1975-76P. Godfrey (Marconi Athletic)
1975-78K. Thorogood (Collier Row)
1975-79N. Little (Old Chelmsfordians)
1976-79E. H. Brace (Coopersale)
1978-82K. H. Doe (Harold Wood Athletic)
1979-81M. Crick (Great Baddow)
1979-91K. V. Poole (Writtle)
1980-82A. Thorpe (Benfleet)
1980-81A. J. C. Allen (Upminster)
1981-82D. Boyce (Rayleigh Town)
1981-2007H. Glynn (Old Chelmsfordians)
1982-86P. Jones (Harold Wood Athletic)
1982-83V. King (Rayleigh Town)
1983-92A. E. Peckover (Runwell Hospital)
1983-84A. Thorpe (Benfleet)
1984-85J. Escott (Great Baddow Royals)
1984-85N. C. Bailey (Caribbean Int. Sports)
1985-86P. M. Hernon (Coopersale)
1986-89J. C. Boyce (B. S. Swifts)
1986-89K. Doe (Harold Wood Athletic)
1986-89C. Clark (Essex Police)
1988-2002N. Digby (Springfield)
1989-91C. Crerie (Concord Rangers)
1989-91R. Yeoman (Takeley)
1989-91G. Brown (Harold Wood Athletic)
1991-96S. Turner (Writtle)
1991-2005F. Cox (Kelvedon Hatch)
1991-D. Lovell (Basildon Town)*
1991-99D. Colman (Sandon Royals)
1991-94J. Lawrence (Harold Wood Athletic)
1992-97K. Bowles (Runwell Hospital)
1994-95T. Cooper (S.C. Henderson)
1995-2020B. King (Ramsden)*
1996-2013E. Gallacher (Writtle)
1997-2002C. Flight (Upminster)
1998-2001C. Dicks (Essex Police)
2001-2005S. Hearn (Shenfield A.F.C.)
2002-2012 R. Colman (Sandon Royals)
2002-2006C. Rutland (Linford Wanderers)
2005-2017S. Coombs (Manford Way)
2006-2017D. Hughes (Kelvedon Hatch)
2006-2012I. Nuding (Runwell Hospital)
2007-2014B. Terry (Old Chelmsfordians)
2013-2018M. Nokes (Upminster)
2014-2015G. Brooks (Benfleet)
2014-2018P. Cannon (Leigh Ramblers)
2014-2019A. Dowsett (Galleywood)*
2017-A Everett (May & Baker E. C.)*
2018-R. Balcombe (Kelvedon Hatch)*
2018-R. Groves (Southend Sports)*
2018-2020S. Margiotta (Old Barkabbeyans)*