Confirming Fixtures to the Opposition & Officials

It has come to our attention that the F.A. have changed the wording of Rule 20 (C) which relates to the confirmation of fixtures to the opposition.

Will you please note that where the term “an Officer of the opposing Club” is used, that officer is the opposing clubs Fixtures Secretary.

We have been advised that some teams have been contacting the Manager of the opposing club to confirm a match. This is not acceptable. Home clubs must contact the oppositions Fixtures Secretary.

It should also be noted that such confirmation must now be given to the opposition and match officials by the end of the Tuesday prior to a Saturday match i.e. four days before the match.

If the opposition Fixtures Secretary is not notified by the due date, they should, as stated in the above rule, make contact with the Fixtures Secretary of the home club. They should also notify the League Fixtures Secretary by e-mail and he will raise a charge against the home club.

The above also applies to the match officials who should notify the appropriate League Referees Secretary by e-mail if they have not been contacted by the due date.

If any club Fixtures Secretaries are going to be away, they should contact the oppositions Fixtures Secretary and tell them who to contact in their absence,