December Fixtures

The fixtures for December are now available on the website and have been notified to all clubs.

On 09 October a note was placed on the website reminding clubs of the date by which December dates could be closed. In addition clubs have had since June to find out if their pitches are unavailable over the Christmas/New Year period.

Over 40 Saturdays have been closed by teams during December and over 30 pitches are not available on 30 December

The following should therefore be noted:-

1. It is now too late to close dates in December and if you cannot fulfil a fixture you will be charged under rule 10 (F).

2. If you suddenly discover that your pitch is not available over the Christmas/New Year period, you will have to find an alternative pitch or you will be charged with failing to fulfil under rule 10 (F).

The League Fixtures Secretary believes he has taken note of the many emails regarding the closure of dates during December and asks that you immediately check your fixtures and let him know by email, together with copies of any relevant paperwork, if he has made any errors.

Don’t forget that just because you have not been given a match on a specific date does not mean you are not going to get one. The League have until the Monday before any specific Saturday to schedule a match for a team.

Any changes will be notified to clubs as soon as they are made.