E.O.F.L. A.G.M. 11 June 2020

Over 50 Club Representatives and League Officers attended the Virtual A.G.M. held on 11 June 2020 using MS Teams.

Our Sponsors confirmed that, among other offers, a £45.00 voucher would be sent to every team to spend as they wish with ProKit UK. This is part of a wider financial support package provided by the League and our sponsor.

At this meeting the proposal by Leigh Town that the League use ppg to determine final league positions and promotion and relegation was defeated by 44 votes to 11.

Whilst the 2019 – 2020 season has been declared void, players league statistics for the season are still available via the STATS link on the Full-Time website.

The 2020-2021 Constitution as proposed by the Management Committee was agreed by the meeting without dissent.

The following Rule changes were agreed without dissent:

Rule 23 (C) Clubs no longer must provide assistant referees with flags.

Cup Rule 6 Extra time will no longer be played in any round, including the final, of League Cup Competitions. If the scores are level at the conclusion of the second half, the match shall be decided by a penalty competition.

It was agreed without dissent that the 2020 – 2021 season would start on 5th September 2020 or the date advised by the Football Association. The season will conclude on 29 May 2021

It was agreed without dissent that the Presentation Dinner for 2020/2021, at the the Lion House at Boreham, Chelmsford on 10th July 2021. Two tickets to be compulsorily purchased by each club as per 4 (F) at a cost of £50 each.