ECFA Set up Six WGS Drop in Sessions

Clubs undertaking the online club affiliation process, or getting ready for the implementation of player registrations through the FA Whole Game System (WGS), are being encouraged to attend one of six drop-in sessions at our headquarters in Chelmsford.

Functionality is now available for club secretaries to utilise to enter player records, which can also be extended to other club officials if desired. League registrations will not be affected for 2016/17 but, from 2017/18, leagues will also have the opportunity to use WGS for registrations. Club officials are currently invited to:

* match players in WGS with those in Full-Time (only applicable to clubs already using the player registration function in Full-Time);
* add any players already in The FA’s database to the club’s player list;
* create new records for those players not currently held in The FA’s database;
* assign all players registered with their club to the appropriate teams.

By completing these steps, clubs will have a complete list of all their players within WGS, matched, where appropriate, to Full-Time and attached to the individual’s team. This will have the additional benefit of saving clubs time in the summer should their league decide to use these WGS records as the basis for online league registration in 2017/18.

The ECFA affiliation window for season 2017/18 is due to open in the week commencing Monday 22nd May, with the WGS portal being utilised again for this purpose. Clubs should be familiar with this functionality, which has been enhanced as it enters its fourth season.

Any individuals wishing for assistance with the player registration process, or with completing their club’s affiliation, are invited to attend one of the following sessions to supplement the support provided during office hours (all 5:00-8:00pm):

* Friday 26th May
* Friday 2nd June
* Wednesday 7th June
* Tuesday 13th June
* Monday 19th June
* Thursday 29th June