Entering Results/Stats etc. on Full Time

Last updated: October 12th, 2020.

1. Enter Full Time Site via the EOFL on Full Time link in the left had margin of the League Web Site.

2. In top left hand corner under the Full Time Banner click on Sign In

3. Enter your Username and Password then click Sign In. Save this link in your “Favourites”

4. On this new page click Results/Stats

5. From the list of matches shown pick the date of the match whose team you wish to enter and press Statistics. Underneath the details of this match you will see it says Marks For Referee and then the name of the Referee. Enter a mark out of 100 for Referees in the adjacent box and then press Update. Answer the questions relating to the pitch and signed on the day players.

6. When the page has refreshed press Statistics

7. If the Quick Stat Entry page is not shown, under the heading click on Switch to quick stat entry

8. Under the heading STARTED, Tick the players who played in the match and under the heading BENCH USED Tick the substitutes who actually came on.. Players signed on the Day may not appear on the list of players for a few days so you may have to go back and tick them off later in the week.

9. Enter the Number Of Goals scored against each goalscorer

10. Tick as appropriate under Yellow Card, Second Yellow Card or Red Card

Note:- Where a player has been sent to the Sin-Bin, you should enter the number 1 in the appropriate rectangular box. This detail will appear at the foot of the page on the website.

Note:- Where a player has been sent off for receiving two cautions, you should only tick the the Yellow Card & Second Yellow Card boxes adjacent to his name NOT the Red Card box.

If a player has has been cautioned and is then sent off for a Red Card offence, you should tick both the Yellow Card and Red Card boxes adjacent to his name.

11. Click on Update Stats for Players and then unless the opposition scored any own goal (see 12 & 13 below), go to 14 below.

12. If there was an own goal scored within YOUR TEAMS total, click on Switch to Team Sheet Wizard then click on Switch to Simple View

13. In the drop down menu next to stat choose Opposition Own Goal in the box and press Create. If there were more than one own goal repeat this operation. The number of own goals scored will show up at the bottom of this page

14. Click Back and you will be taken back to the list of matches. Go to 15 below

15. Click Back until you get back to the list of all matches

16. If you are entering players who played for your other team in another match repeat from 5, or click Finished/Cancel and then Sign Out or if you wish to check your entry click on Web Site is correct go to 16 below

17. To check your entry, from the League page choose the division your team play in from the middle drop down menu then click on your team next to the match date and details of the players who took part etc. will appear. If there is anything you wish to amend go to 2 above.

18. You can also check the players listed as playing for the opposition on the page mentioned in 16 above with the team sheet you were given, and if they are not the same you need to e-mail the Registration Secretary and tell him.


1. DO NOT enter the players in any competitions not under the jurisdiction of our league such as County or Charity Cup matches.

2. If you sign a player on on the day you must send the Signed on the Day form to the REgistration Secretry. The player signed on the Day may not appear on the list of players for a few days so you will have to go back and tick them off later in the week.

3. If you award the referee a lower mark than that mentioned in Rule 13 (H), you must send an e-mail giving an explanation why you have awarded the mark to the Referees Support Officer Alan Romain

4. The entering of the Referees mark and team details on the Full Time System must be submitted within FOUR DAYS of the match being played or your club WILL be fined.

5. You will find that you cannot enter your teams details onto the system until you have entered the referees mark.

6.The names shown on the Team Sheets given to the referee and opponents MUST SHOW THE NAMES OF THE PLAYERS WHO TOOK PART & THE SUBSTITUTES as the TEAM SHEET will be compared to the entries you make and if they do not agree clubs will be fined under rule 11 (A)

7. Internet usernames and passwords issued to you by other leagues will not give you access to our leagues pages on Full Time

If you have any questions please contact Peter Godfrey at Peter Godfrey