EOFL Latest Information

As all football appears now to have been suspended until at least the end of April, the Management Committee have made the following decisions.

The 2019-2020 League Cups have been suspended.

It has been decided that the annual monetary Fair Play/Administration awards will not be presented this season due to the vast differences in the number of matches that teams have played. There will also be changes to the way these amounts are calculated going forward and these will be announced in due course.

Given the fact that clubs are not receiving any income at the moment, it has been agreed that the League will not be asking our clubs to pay any annual subscription charges for season 2020-2021.

This will mean that the league will lose approximately £8000.00 in income but it is hoped that this gesture will be appreciated by our member clubs.

Information regarding the forthcoming AGM and annual Dinner will be announced in due course.

Further information regarding the completion of season 2019-20 will be posted on this website as soon a guidance is received from the FA/ECFA.

Keep Safe