Essex Olympian Football League Committee

Last Updated: 4 September 2018

League Address
The Essex Olympian Football League
Nine Ashes Road
Stondon Massey
CM15 0ER

  • Alan Friend

    Vice Chairman

    Telephone Number: 01245467123

    Mobile Number: 07805703798

    Email Address:

  • Kevin Lorkins

    League Secretary

    Telephone Number: 01277824626

    Mobile Number: 07850766819

    Email Address:

  • Brian Terry


    Telephone Number: 01245422268

    Mobile Number: 07947537753

    Email Address:

  • Peter Godfrey

    Fixtures Secretary / I.T. Officer

    Telephone Number: 01206385872

    Mobile Number: 07880317926

    Email Address:

  • John Cook

    Referees' Appointments Secretary

    Telephone Number: 01621857792

    Mobile Number: 07752812521

    Email Address:

  • Mark Irvine

    Referees' Assistants and Under 21 Referees Appointments Secretary

    Telephone Number: 01702510178

    Mobile Number: 07771501699

    Email Address:

  • Alan Romain

    Referees' Support Officer

    Telephone Number: 01245609253

    Mobile Number: 07754235557

    Email Address:

  • Bernie Oram

    Discipline/Referee's Results Secretary

    Telephone Number: 01245469457

    Email Address:

  • Clive Cheeseman

    Registration Secretary

    Telephone Number: 01621788433

    Email Address:

  • Chris Singh

    Under 21 Division Officer/League Development Officer

    Telephone Number: 01277227527

    Mobile Number: 07923222956

    Email Address:

  • Mark Rule

    Ground Grading Officer

    Telephone Number: 01992815575

    Mobile Number: 07789955039

    Email Address:

  • Scott Lanza

    Publicity Secretary

    Mobile Number: 07814744836

    Email Address:

Club Representatives on Management Committee

The following are the Club Representatives on the Management Committee who clubs should contact if they have any matters they wish discussed at a committee meeting.