Failed To Fulfil Fixtures

Last Updated: 16 November 2019

The following matches have been called off and will not be re-arranged.

County Cup matches have been excluded.

816/11/2019WesthamiansTwoRochford TownvWesthamiansInsufficient Players Available
702/11/2019WesthamiansTwoHarold Wood Athletic Res.vWesthamiansInsufficient Players Available
626/10/2019AS Rawreth Res.FourAS RawrethvGalleywood Res.Insufficient Players Available
512/10/2019AS Rawreth Res.FourCatholic United Res.vAS Rawreth Res.Insufficient Players Available
421/09/2019Herongate Athletic Res.FiveWakering Sports 'A'vHerongate Athletic Res.Insufficient Players Available
321/09/2019Rochford Town Res.FiveShoebury Town Res.vRochford Town Res.Insufficient Players Available
214/09/2019Roydon Res.Reserve CupRayleigh Town Res.vRoydon ReservesInsufficient Players Available
114/09/2019AS Rawreth Res.Reserve CupAS Rawreth Res.vLeigh Town ResInsufficient Players Available