Sin-Bin Procedure – Match Day Process

Last updated: August 10th, 2019.

Match Day Process

•  All Cautions for Dissent must be dealt with by the Sin Bin Process
•  Applies to Players only and not Substitutes or Coaching Staff
•  Referee Signals by issuing a Yellow card in the normal way and pointing to the touchline where the player must go. (not a defined Bin area)

• If the Team go down to less than 7 players as a result of a temporary dismissal, the game will be abandoned

Period in Sin Bin is:

•  10 Minutes for all matches of 90 minutes
•  8 Minutes for all other matches
•  No designated area –just back with management and subs

•  Period starts when play restarts
•  Referee includes any lost time
•  Where neutral Assistants are appointed they assist with timing otherwise teams where possible nominate someone to assist

•  Referee has final decision on when the player can return to play.
•  Does not need to be in a stoppage in play
•  A Player in the Sin Bin cannot be substituted until the period has expired and not at all if all substitutes have been used
•  If the period has not expired at the end of the 1sthalf, it continues during the 2ndhalf (or Extra Time)
•  If it has not expired at the end of Extra Time and there are kicks from the penalty mark –the player can participate

Repeat Offenders

If a temporary dismissed player:

•  commits another YC Offence or RC offence during the sin bin period – cannot take any further part in the game and cannot be substituted
•  Commits a non-dissent caution at any time on the field of play – in addition to the sin bin period will continue to play.
•  Commits a Second Dissent caution (and no other offences) – will receive a second period in the sin bin. At the end of that period, the player can take no further part in the game but can be substituted.
•  Commits a Second dissent action and has already had a non- Dissent caution – will take no further part in the game and cannot be substituted
•  All other Laws of the Game remain unaffected (i.e. 2 Non-Dissent Yellow cards)


• All players sent to the Sin Bin must be reported by the Referee in the normal way for a C2 offence


Dissent------Sin Bin
DissentNon Dissent---Sin Bin, Caution Recorded (No Send Off)
DissentNon Dissent Caution Non Dissent Caution Sin Bin, Send Off for S7
DissentDissent---Sin Bin x 2, unable to rejoin, but can be substituted after 2nd Sin Bin if not all Substitutes used
DissentNon Dissent Caution DissentSin Bin, Caution Recorded, Sin Bin, unable to rejoin and CANNOT be substituted
Non Dissent CautionDissent---Caution Recorded, Sin Bin
Non Dissent CautionDissentNon Dissent Caution Caution Recorded, Sin Bin, Send Off for S7
Non Dissent CautionDissentDissentCaution Recorded, Sin Bin, Sin Bin - unable to rejoin, and CANNOT be substituted after 2nd Sin Bin