Important Note to Referees and Clubs


Clubs are asked to ensure that players are wearing the correctly numbered shirts as shown on the team sheet. (Rule 10 (J)).

We recently had a case where, when sending off a player, the referee took the players number and did not ask his name. Unfortunately the players was wearing the wrong shirt number resulting in the wrong player being suspended by the E.C.F.A..

Whilst this outcome was due to an error by the team, when cautioning or sending off players referees MUST ask the player his name. DO NOT simply report the name shown against that number on the team sheet.


Please note that, due to James Lisher being away from now until 13 January 2018, all queries regarding the appointment of referees whether they be by referees or clubs, should be made to either Kevin Pratt or Mark Irvine as appropriate.. They will be dealing with referees appointments over this period.