Information for Representative Team Members

For the information of all players selected for the representative match against Kent on the 18th October 2016 at Rochester United F.C Rede Court Road, Strood. ME2 3TU – kick off 7.45pm.

Travelling expenses will be paid for your round trip based on your home address 0.25p per mile, plus the cost of using the Dartford River Crossing (£2.50). The return trip will be free after 10.00pm.

(You must pay through Dart charge by midnight the following day or be penalised, you can also pay in advance)

it is requested where possible that players travel together in order to keep the leagues costs to a minimum.

Players are reminded that if you become unavailable for any reason you must make contact with the Paul Pittuck IMMEDIATELY on 07752 008 948 in order for replacements to be notified.