League Publications & Forms

Last Updated: 21 July 2017

League Rules & Membership Criteria

Clubs wishing to apply for membership should download a copy of the entry criteria and an application form.

Application Forms, together with a cheque, should be submitted to the Hon. Secretary at the address on the bottom of the form as soon as possible.

Applications received after 31 March will not be considered for the following season.

Clubs are strongly recommended to submit their applications early which will allow time for an inspection to take place at one of your home matches. This will also give you time to carry out any required work.

E.O.F.L. Criteria For Entry and Continued Membership
New Club Application Form
Application for an Existing Club to enter an additional team.
Application for an Existing Club to enter a team into the Under 21 Section
E.O.F.L. Code of Conduct
League Rules & Cup Rules
Notes to Secretaries
Notes to Referees and Assistant Referees
National League System Regulations

League Forms

Referees Application Forms
Referees Result Sheet
Player Registration Check

Players International Clearance

F.A. e-mail dated 25 October 2011
Notes on International Clearance
USA Players International Clearance Request Form
Players International Clearance Form (Non USA)
FIFA Regulations Governing the Status and Transfer of Players
Home Office Visitor Guidance