Management Committee Notes Clarification

Your attention is drawn to the following items discussed at the Management Committee Meeting held on 13 October 2016

1. It was agreed at the meeting to reverse the decision taken at the September meeting to fine clubs for not completing the caution and send-off section of the Results/Stats page on Full Time.

Whilst clubs are still required to complete this section correctly, should they fail to do so they will no longer be fined.

Clubs will however continue to be fined if they are late entering information on this form, fail to enter any of the other required information or enter it incorrectly

2. Registration forms must be received by the Registration Secretary at least 48 hours before the match you wish the player to take part in.

Clubs/Managers must check their squad on FULL TIME and if a player is not shown on the system then they must not play them.

This does not stop teams signing players on before the match in accordance with our rules, but they do so at their own risk

Please DO NOT telephone the Registration Secretary over the weekend.