Media Vacancies

Here at the Essex Olympian League, we are looking to bring in some much needed and desire people who love doing media in the form of match reporters and photographers ahead of the upcoming 2019/20 Essex Olympian League season. We also have the exclusive offer of offering a group of individuals or an organisation the new and exclusive full filming rights to our league and its six divisions for the upcoming season.

All of the vacancies are entirely voluntary with all individuals free to select whatever games they wish to attend and cover subsequently. All members of the media will be sent press passes so if your questioned by any club official or league official for what you are doing, you can show your pass to avoid any further questions and they should be fine with your activity.

Writers: You can write as much as you like or as little as you like with this role. There is no limit and we will be sure to promote your work and blog that you post your work onto via our social media channels. The role is what you want to make it of it really.

Photographers: Again, like those who wish to be a writer, as a league photographer, you can take however many photos you like. There is no limit and again, the role is what you want to make of it really. We will share your works on our social media channels where accordingly and use your photos in our articles if thats alright with direct credit and a link to the rest of your match works.

An example for anyone interested is that you can write a preview piece followed by writing up a brief match report. The match report will be published on our website.

If your a photographer but also keen on writing, you can take photos during a game and then write up an interview with a player or manager or even write up a summary of the game if you wish. You can send over the photos with whatever it may be you’ve written that day.

Whether it be your a college student studying an A-Level in Media or a university student needing to write regular match reports or even that your 55 years old and you want to get into writing about grassroots football for the fun of it, there’s a place for everyone regardless of age, race, gender and qualifications.

As for those who are looking to get into photography, your works will be protected by the league and if used without credit by any other media organisations without agreement, we will press further to either get the photo removed or credited to you. Again, that option is really your call.

As with the case of many players playing within our six divisions, if the opportunity comes up for any of our writers or photographers to pursue opportunities higher up the football pyramid which subsequently leaves you being unable to cover our clubs anymore, you will leave with our blessing and thanks for what you have done.

Its only fair that if you do decide to stop covering our league, we’ll treat you with the utmost of respect and kindness as is often the case professionally by any company both inside and outside of football.

Furthermore, if you need to take a break from any writing or photography duties during the season due to any sort of health issues whether it be mentally or even physically, please don’t feel afraid to speak to our Press Secretary Andy Wilkins or anyone as such who you may know so you don’t suffer in silence. We are there as a league to help everyone from the players to club officials to our writers, photographers and fans.

Filming Rights:

We now have the brilliant opportunity for an individual or an organisation to obtain the full and newly exclusive filming rights to filming any of our games spread across our six divisions for the upcoming season as we strive to represent our clubs in the best possible light.

The selected individual or organisation will be given press passes so if any questions are asked by anyone, you will be backed up with evidence of what your doing. The selected persons will also have free roam to cover any of our leagues and neighbouring competitions such as the Anagram Records Trophy, EOFL Senior League Cup and County Competitions on our behalf.

With our cup finals set to take place in May again, it could be a great opportunity for yourselves to get a foot into filming English non-league football.

Please also note that there will be teams filming their matches this season which we welcome and both parties will be given equal voice if there is any complaints about either parties and any wrongdoings that may or may not occur during the season.

The agreement rights to filming our league do have the potential to extended further into the 2020/21 season if agreed at the conclusion of this current season by both parties.

If you are interested and wanting to know more information on how to get involved or wanting to take up one of our media vacancies, please contact Press Secretary Andy Wilkins at or please contact us on Twitter at @eofl.