Club Records

The League records of all clubs have now been updated to include season 2015/16. In addition the cumulative records comparing all teams that have ever been in the League, have also been updated and are available via the Information —> League Archives page.

2016-2017 Laws of The Game

The new International Football Association Board (IFAB) 2016-2017 Laws of the Game, which come into effect on 01 June 2016, are now available via the link at the bottom of the home page


Reports on the 21 May Premier Division and Under 21 Division matches are now available in the Match Centre The Senior League Cup report is available via the Cup Reports link


Up to 13 May 2016 there have been 161 players sent off, 18 reports on managers sent to the E.C.F.A., 1 club official reported to the E.C.F.A. and 2 sets of supporters reported to the E.C.F.A. this season at matches under the jurisdiction of the League.

Leytonstone United Reserves Pull Out

We have been advised today that Leytonstone United have pulled their reserve team out of the League with immediate effect. As Leytonstone United Reserves have completed 75% of their fixtures, in accordance with rule 12 (C), the points for the unplayed matches have been awarded to their opponents.