Notes from January Management Meeting

13 January Postponed Matches

As Mark Lisher is still away, your League Referees Secretary contact will be Kevin Pratt and/or Mark Irvine if your match is postponed

Confirming Fixtures or Postponed Matches

As item 6 in Notes To Secretaries

Where the term “Secretary” in relation to a club officer is used within the rules this can be taken as meaning the club “Fixtures Secretary” where the rule describes a function of that position.

Confirmation of fixtures or notification of postponed fixtures should be made to a clubs Fixtures Secretary where this is a different person to the club Secretary


Clubs are reminded that they are not allowed to make derogatory or abusive remarks relating to the actions of other teams. Amongst others these include comments on things that happened during a match or following the postponement of a match.

Clubs who are subjected to such comments are requested to take a screenshot of them and report them to the ECFA who will take action against the club or individuals responsible for posting them.