Notes to Referees & Assistant Referees

Last updated: June 21st, 2022.

1. Your contacts on the League are:-

The Referees Appointment Secretary, for all matters relating to the appointment of Referees.
To collate all referees marks for presentation to the E.C.F.A. and support referees with their concerns whether this be regarding matches games or league matters

The Asst. Referees Appointment Secretary, for all matters relating to the appointment of Asst. Referees

The Referees Results Secretary, the recipient of all referees result sheets

2. It should be noted that in addition to Sin-Bins, Roll-on – Roll-Off substitutions are being used for ALL matches under the jurisdiction of the League.

3. Reports concerning players cautioned and the sending off of players or regarding misconduct by Club Officials or spectators must be submitted in the approved manner within two days of the occurrence using the Whole Game System

4. The result of each match must be sent BY E-MAIL on the official result sheet within two days of the match to the address shown at the foot of the result sheet

5. Report all late starts and teams playing short. Where it is necessary to report late starts or short teams the referee must notify the team captain or other club official of the club concerned on the day, and your report must include the name of the person notified.

6. If a player is cautioned or sent off the field for misconduct in a League or Cup game, Referees must complete the appropriate section in the Result Sheet, with all relevant details. Please complete as many ‘boxes’ as possible.

7. If you have not received any instructions regarding match arrangements, in accordance with League Rule 10.D, Referees and/or Asst. Referees should themselves contact the home clubs Hon. Secretary/Fixtures Secretary, or if contact cannot be made to either John Cook or Mark Irvine as appropriate. Such failures by the home club should also be reported on the Result Sheet.

8. All match officials are expected to arrive at the ground at least 60 minutes before the appointed kick-off time and to be smartly dressed i.e. tie, shirt & trousers or suit

9. Referees are encouraged to join their local Referees Society where you can get advice and discuss any problems with other referees. Society details are contained in the E.C.F.A. on line handbook or can be obtained from County Office.

10. Referees are requested to ensure that team sheets show the FULL given names of all players and not just initials.

11. The E.C.F.A. have advised us that appointments to the Essex Senior League Reserve Division DO NOT take precedence over appointments on our League.

12. If you are not offered refreshment after the match, ask for it. Report the matter to the league, who will deal with the club. Do not go without your refreshment which does not have to be made available in the changing room.

13. As stated in the Notes to Secretaries, the term “immediately after” in Rule 13.E paragraph shall mean immediately after in your own dressing room. If this does not happen you should report the fact on the Result Sheet.

14. Match officials must adhere to the relevant section of the Code of Conduct as detailed in Appendix B

15. Clubs no longer have to provide flags for assistants so make sure you take flags with you to the match.

16. Referees are requested to notify the League if clubs do not comply with the requirements of League Rule 10.L with respect to the technical area

17. Times of kick-off: (Subject to variation by the League Management Committee (Rule 20.A)

All League Matches::
August to May         2.00 p.m.

All Cup Matches::
August to October and March to May 2:00 p.m.
November to February 1.30 p.m.

If the match is a draw after full time then the match is decided by penalties. There is no extra time

Evening matches
August and May 6:30 p.m.
September to April 6:15 p.m.

Clubs may mutually agree upon earlier or later times provided all parties involved agree