Notification of Postponements

Once again clubs are reminded of the requirements of League Rule 20 (E) (iii) paragraph 2 in relation to the notification by the home side of postponed fixtures to their opponents:-

This MUST be given by telephone, or personal service IMMEDIATELY but not later than kick-off time

This means such notification MUST NOT be given by text or e-mail and, in the first instance, it is the oppositions Fixtures Secretary who should be contacted either in person or by telephone. If you have to leave a message on their telephone, you MUST request an acknowledgement.

If you cannot reach the oppositions Fixtures Secretary, ONLY THEN should you contact the oppositions Team Manager, again either in person or by telephone NOT by text or e-mail.

All of the people mentioned in League Rule 20 (E) (iii) paragraph 1 should also, in the first instance, be contacted by telephone and not by text or e-mail.