Overage Players Playing in The U21 Division

As you will be aware, clubs are allowed to play two overage players in their under 21 team, provided they comply with League Rule 8 (B) (iii).

This rule states that

“Only those who are not over 26 years of age as at midnight on 31 August 2016 may play in under 21 teams.”

On the list of players shown for each team beneath the team name on the fixture page for your Under 21 match, players that are over 21 but comply with the above are shown with an asterisk after their name.

Where you wish to play eligible overage player/s in your under 21 team who do not show on the fixture page for your Under 21 match, you are asked to let Phil Coulthard know as soon as you either, select the player/s to play for your Under 21 team, or as soon as possible after the match.

This overage player will then be added to the list of Under 21 players so that you can correctly record all players on the result sheet on Full Time.

If there are any players who are already registered and are eligible for your under 21 team but do not have an asterisk after their name, please contact Phil Coulthard

If you have any questions about this please either contact Phil Coulthard or Peter Godfrey.