Problems with sending in results by SMS

Following an exchange of e-mails with the FA, we have been advised that in some instances the system is deleting the mobile numbers of Team Administrators etc. from WGS.

Where the person whose mobile number has been deleted this means there number is also deleted as an SMS contact and they will not be sent the normal e-mail requesting the result.

If you normally get this SMS from Full Time but do not get it on a particular Saturday, please let Peter Godfrey know immediately as to fail to do so will create a lot of unnecessary paperwork between him and your club. He will then takes steps to get the ECFA to put the mobile number back is this is not something the league can do.

Don’t think you can use this as an excuse for not sending in the result by SMS as we are able to see who was sent the request from Full Time.


Some people have still not read the “Guidance on sending in results by SMS”

This clearly states that

Despite the fact that this message will be sent to the registered mobile number of both teams, after the match, HOME CLUBS ONLY should reply to the message giving the score for the match in the format home team first, away team second separated by a hyphen”

The only time the AWAY TEAM should respond to the SMS from Full Time is if they are away to a team NOT in our League in a Cup match

In these circumstances you must send the result in the format home team first, away team second separated by a hyphen