Procedure if your pitch is unfit

As at the end of November we have been very lucky when it comes to matches being postponed due to the weather.This means that we are getting through the fixtures fairly quickly and as a result some teams will find themselves without a match some weekends.

Teams are reminded that, if your home fixture is postponed due to bad weather and you have not already ready played your opponents on their ground, before phoning your players or anyone else to tell them the match is off, you should phone the opponents to see if they have a free pitch which will enable the match to be reversed.

If they do have a pitch available, the match should be switched and will become their home fixture and they will be liable for paying the officials and sending in the result by SMS.

It is the original home teams responsibility to phone the appointed Referee and the League Fixtures Secretary to tell them of the switch.

On many occasions last season when the League Fixtures Secretary was phoned to be told a match had been postponed and the person phoning was asked if their opponents had a free pitch, he was told that “I have already told my players its off” or “I didn’t think of ask”.

When this happens it is quite possible you will end up travelling to the opponents ground for a mid-week fixture. It is therefore in your teams interest that you tell EVERYONE AT YOUR CLUB concerned with calling matches off of the procedure for switching.