Registering Players on the Whole Game System

From the start of next season the League will be using the Whole Game System for the registration of Club players.

Over the next few months, the ECFA will be holding a number of seminars to explain how the system will work and the League will be advising clubs of the new forms that will be in use from next season.

In the meantime it is suggested that you have a look, and possibly print out, the training guide below. This guide includes comprehensive F.A.Q. sections and on each page of the WGS system relating to this, there are comprehensive “How to Guides.

A few points to note:-

Before you get other people at your club involved in this, it might be an idea for you to become fully conversant with how it works first.

You can now start work on the “Detaching of Players” as described in Section Three, then move on to “Club Player Match” as described in Section Four. This will give you an understanding of the system and prepare you for the new season.

These procedures are both fairly simple processes and both the Guide below and the “How to Guide” on the website are very helpful. In addition the League Secretary has already carried out this detaching process for Hutton F.C. and is available to answer any questions.

The League will not be using photographs so you can ignore this part of the Guide.

The League Secretary and/or E.C.F.A. will shortly be in touch with further information about the seminars.


If you wish, there is a Webinar run by the F.A. available for you to watch. This can be downloaded from

Player Registration Webinar

Note:- As far as we are aware this only runs using Internet Explorer