Registration of Players & Using Twitter

Some clubs appear not to know that we have a website and do not subscribe to our Twitter feed.

They therefore missed the News item posted on the website and Twitter in mid-July reminding them that they had to have registered 11 players for each of the teams they have in our league by 09 August 2016.

With the season starting this coming weekend some teams have either sent no Registration Forms in to the League or insufficient forms to be able to cover the matches they have to play in the opening few weeks of the season.

Please note that if you have insufficient players registered to fulfil your fixtures, you will be charged with failing to fulfil the fixture.

Clubs with under 21 teams have been sent an e-mail giving details of the procedure to be followed regarding the playing of overage players.

Using Twitter

Several club representatives have told League officers that “We don’t do Twitter”.

Well that’s up to you, but if you miss a message and as a result get fined because you have not read an important News item on the website, it’s your own fault.