Results/Stats on Full Time

Fortunately the number of teams that are not filling in their Results/Stats on Full Time within the time scale laid down in League Rule 21 (A) is now minimal.

Coupled with the fact that the layout of this information on Full Time has changed making it more time consuming to check, a new procedure will be implemented for matches played after todays date.

All Results/Stats will now be locked on the fifth day following the playing of a match.

If clubs have not completed the entry of the required information within this time frame, they will have to contact Peter Godfrey and ask him to unlock the match so that any missing information can be added.

Clubs have SEVEN days from the date of the match to make this request. After that the match will not be unlocked so no changes can be made or information added.

If any teams find that their opponents have not entered the required information within this time period, making it impossible to check against the team sheet, should contact Peter and let him know. A fine may then be levied against the offending team.

Any club that does not enter the referees mark within this time frame will be dealt with by Alan Romain.

If you have any questions about this new procedure please contact Peter Godfrey