Sending in League Cup Results by SMS

This weekend sees the first round of various League Cups with further League Cup matches being played throughout the month.

In order to try and avoid problems that some clubs have had in the past sending in the results of League Cup matches to Full Time by SMS, you are urged to read the guide accessible via the link below.

How to Send in League Cup Results by SMS

If after reading this guide you still have questions please contact Peter Godfrey during the week BEFORE you play the match.

Results of League Cup matches kicking off at 14:15 MUST BE SENT IN BY 17:45

All of the guides to using Full Time and the SMS system are available via the link in the bottom right hand menu at the foot of the home page.

There can be no excuse, other than the fact that you have not bothered to read these guides, for getting anything to do with Full Time wrong