Sending in Results By SMS

Last Updated: 7 August 2017

Last season several clubs were fined for

Sending results in by SMS in an in correct format so the results were not accepted by the Full Time system.

Not sending in results by SMS on time

Failing to send in results by SMS at all

It is recommended that a few minutes after you have sent the result in by SMS, you look at the website to make sure that the result has been received by the system and shows the correct score the correct way round.

The most important thing to remember is that if you are the AWAY team in a League match or a League Cup match YOU SHOULD NOT SEND IN THE RESULT BY SMS even though you get an SMS message from Full time asking you to do so.

In F.A., Anagram Record Trophy or County Cup matches you should only send the result in by SMS if you are the HOME team or are playing a team NOT in our League away from home.

It really is very simple yet some people repeatedly get it wrong.

Please take a few minutes to read these guides, as from day one of the season clubs WILL be fined if they do not send in results correctly or on time.

How to Send in Results for League matches by SMS
How to Send in Results for League Cup matches by SMS
How to send in Results for F.A., Anagram Record Trophy & County Cup matches by SMS
Times by which results have to be sent in by SMS

If there is anything you do not understand please send an email to Peter Godfrey