Signed on the Day Players and Result Sheets

Any player whose details have not been registered on the Whole Game Registration System by 17:30 on the day before a match, can only play if they have completed a “Signed On The Day” form and a maximum of two players are allowed to sign on the day for each team.

When you have signed one or two players on “On the Day”, you must ensure that you register them via the Whole Game Registration System BEFORE you complete the result sheet on Full Time.

You will not be able to complete the result sheet on Full Time until the players registration has been accepted by the League.

In order that we know when a player has been “Signed on the Day”, before you can enter your team details on Full Time you will be required to answer the following question:-

How many players did your team sign on on the day? 0, 1 or 2

Once you have answered this question, and assuming that the player concerned has been registered with the League, you will then be able to enter your team details and the other required information on Full Time.