Tips to ensure you always get league emails

Last updated: August 28th, 2017.

Some people have told us that they have not received e-mails sent to them or that the e-mails have ended up in their spam folders.

Internet service providers, e-mail services and IT departments all work hard to protect you from all horrible spam, yet this means sometimes e-mails you actually want get lost too. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure you get our e-mails:

Your e-mail software
Put in your ‘safe sender’ list. You may also want to put the domain in the list.

Hotmail & Gmail users, add our e-mail to your address book and you will always get the email.

Your anti-spam software
Anti-spam software – if you have anti spam software running on your machine such as Norton or Spam Assassin, add the e-mail address and the domain to the safe sender list.

Your IT Department or ISP (internet service provider)
If yur emails go to your work email address and you are still struggling, the chances are your IT department or your ISP is blocking our email before it even gets near your machine. Please advise your ISP and IT department to allow e-mails to come through to you from and from This is called ‘whitelisting’.

If all else fails, get a new e-mail address, we recommend gmail, as it offers big storage and so far we’ve had no complaints from gmail users that they don’t receive the e-mail.