Dear Match Official

As you are aware we are just two short months into the referee pilot scheme
where the EOFL is working with the County FA on match official
appointments. The pilot scheme also involves the Essex and Suffolk Border
League and the Mid Essex League. Clearly operating any new way of working
will not be without issue, we are working together across the leagues to
highlight the issues that have been raised by registered match officials
and feel sure that the appointments system will be operating more smoothly
in the weeks ahead.

In regard to the EOFL specifically may I please remind ALL match Officials
of the following points that must actioned whenever you are appointed to a
match in our league;

1)* RESPECT* – Please ensure that the RESPECT handshake takes place IN ALL
EOFL fixtures. This requires the match day officials to ensure that BOTH
teams are lead out to the field of play in good time before the kick off to
conduct this procedure.

2)* Result Sheet -*Please ensure the correct result sheet is used for all
EOFL matches. A copy of the result sheet is available on
the EOFL website at http://eofl.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/refres1718.xlsx
Please also ensure the correctly completed result sheet
is sent within 48 hours of the date of the match to* results@eofl.co.uk
*This is the only address to send the result sheet to, please do not send
them to any other address.*

*3) Substitutes BIBS -* Please ensure that ALL named substitutes from both
teams are wearing the league Sponsors BIBS (these are coloured Orange or
Green). Please also ensure that you confirm on the result sheet if the BIBS
were worn by BOTH teams. If either team fails to wear them please report it
in the comments box at the bottom of the form.

4) *Technical Areas – *You are all reminded that if there is no Technical
Area available then ALL managers, physio`s and substitutes are required to
be behind the barrier/rope. There are no exceptions to this.
If there is a Technical Area correctly marked out, but with no seating then
only a maximum of two persons may remain in this area, All other persons
must be behind the barrier/rope. If the technical area has adequate seating
then a maximum of two may remain standing, all other persons must remain

You are encouraged to visit the EOFL website – www.eofl.co.uk and add it to
your favorite page. On the website  you will find an abundance of
information and regular updates on league news. In addition all the league
competition and Cup rules are detailed and all the club information that
you may require.

If you have any issues with any of the above please contact me, Mark Irvine
or Alan Romain and we will direct you accordingly.

*Kevin  Pratt  *
*Hon R.A.O.*
*Essex Olympian Football League*