Who to Contact at Opposition Clubs

Many clubs are contacting the wrong person at their opponents to confirm fixtures, postponements or the inability to fulfil fixtures.

Section 6 of the “Notes to Secretaries” in the handbook and on the website states:-

Where the term “Secretary” in relation to a club officer is used within the rules, this can be taken as meaning the club “Fixtures Secretary” where the rule describes a function of that position

Therefore, when a club has a separate Fixtures Secretary that is the person who should be contacted.

You should not contact the Club Secretary unless they are also the Fixtures Secretary, and should certainly not contact Team Managers.

Over recent weeks the wrong person has been contacted at opposition clubs and messages have not been getting through to the right people.

All postponements are also notified via the Full Time system as soon as the League Fixtures Secretary becomes aware of them, It is therefore important that you contact him BY TELEPHONE, either on his landline 01206 385 872, or preferably on his mobile 07880 317 926, as soon as the match is called off.

The League Fixtures Secretary will then update the website.

The League Fixtures Secretary is not available on a Friday afternoon, but a message can be left on either of the above numbers and the website will be updated that evening.