Player Suspensions

Last updated: October 8th, 2020.

Below are details of players who the E.C.F.A. have been given permission for the Essex Olympian Football League to remove their registration and suspended them from the League.

Disciplinary Action By The League

The following players have been found guilty of Undesirable Conduct in accordance with the league rules:-

10 January 2020Sam LakeRegistration removed and cannot register with any club within our League until the start of the 2021-2022 Season and after he has appeared before the Management Committee
08 October 2020Reece ClarkeCannot register with any club within our league until the start of the 2021 - 2022 season

Players with Outstanding Debts To Our Clubs

It needs to be made clear that the League IS NOT a debt collecting agency.

There is a procedure laid down in the Essex County F. A. Handbook that tells clubs how to go about suspending players who owe them money.(Section 19).

It is up to clubs when registering a player for the following season to ensure, by checking with the players previous club, that he has fulfilled his obligations to that club. DO NOT TAKE THE PLAYERS WORD FOR IT.

To avoid problems clubs should avoid signing players on on the day of a match. The excuse that the player told the club that he did not owe his previous club any money or had never played for a football club in the past, are not acceptable.

Any club that plays a player who has falsely stated that he has fulfilled his obligations to his previous club will be guilty of playing an ineligible player and dealt with in accordance with League rules.

The League will also not get involved in sorting out disputes between players and clubs regarding outstanding debts

It is important that clubs take note of this, as the responsibility for managing outstanding debts is theirs.