August and September Fixtures

Fixtures for August and September have been uploaded to the website. It is now too late to request dates to be closed during August/September (Rule 20B).

As advised in the e-mail sent to clubs on 08 July 2021, some clubs will find that they have two home matches on the same Saturday but this only occurs where clubs have stated on their forms that they can accommodate these.

Unfortunately, I am still waiting for Senior League fixtures and as some of our clubs share their facilities there may be some changes.

The ECFA have announced that the first rounds of the Essex Junior Cup (EJC) and Essex Premier Cup (EPC) will be played in September.

I have been unable to get a definitive date when these fixtures will be announced other than being told it will be around the middle of August, so there will probably be changes when these fixtures are announced

We wish you all the best for the coming season and hope we can reach a satisfactory conclusion.