At the A.G.M. held on the 10 June 2021 all of the new teams were elected to the Constitution.

The proposed Divisional Constitution was agreed by clubs who were advised that there would be additional relegations at the end of the 2021-2022 season to reduce the Premier Division back to 14 and allow two teams to be promoted from Division One

Mark Warwick from ProKit was elected President and Peter Hutchings was elected Vice-Chairman. Chris McGovern was elected Referees Appointments Secretary and Keith Barron Assistant Referees Appointment Secretary. Tony Dowsett from Galleywood has re-joined the Management Committee as a Club Representative.

Clubs voted to use to use photo identification when registering players on the League via Full Time which should go a long way to preventing unregistered players from playing.

It was agreed that the standard kick-off time for League matches throughout the season would be 14:00, although some allowance will be given for kicking-off later where facilities were not available to allow a start at that time.

The Management Committee had recommended that the season start for all divisions on 07 August 2021 as other Leagues were proposing to do, but an alternative proposal to start on 14 August 2021 had been submitted.

There being no other proposals a vote was taken and it was decided to start all divisions on 14 August 2021