League Referees Secretary

It seems amazing that, three months after a note was placed on the website and all clubs were notified, some clubs do not know that John Cook is now the Leagues Referees Secretary.

If any matches are postponed due to the weather or because you cannot raise a team, he is one of the people to be informed. His phone numbers are 01621 857 792 (H) or 07752 812 521 (M).

The League Secretary sent an e-mail to all clubs yesterday reminding them of this and if any clubs contact the previous holder of this position instead of John in the future they will be fined.

Some clubs are also contacting the wrong people when confirming fixtures. There have been some changes to the names of Club Fixtures Secretaries in the handbook and where applicable the new contacts have been uploaded to the Club Directory on the website. Please check this out before phoning.