New Players

Some clubs have had problems when they have signed players on on the day of matches only to find that those players are already registered with other clubs in our League.

Whilst the practice of signing players on on the day should be avoided, if you must do so you are advised to check to see if the player is already registered with Mark Rule prior to the Saturday.

You can also check if the player is registered this season with his previous club by checking that clubs players list on one of their forthcoming fixtures on Full Time.

As Mark also referees, he may well not be available on a Saturday so you will be taking a risk if you play the player before first checking.

As mentioned in a previous post on this site, there is no list of sine-die players available to clubs or Leagues this season.

You are therefore advised to contact the E.C.F.A. to check any new players out. At least one club may have played a player who is sine-die suspended this season.