Notes To Club Fixtures Secretaries

Last updated: July 10th, 2020.

As agreed at the June 2020 A.G.M., the 2020-2021 season will start on 05 September 2020 or as soon after as we are advised by the Football Association.

All correspondence with clubs regarding fixtures will be carried out via e-mail through the Club Fixtures Secretary. If Club Fixtures Secretaries wish to contact me, this should also be done via e-mail so that we both have copies should there be any queries raised later.

Once fixtures have been scheduled they will be published on the League website and sent out to clubs Primary Contacts from Full Time.

If no fixture is shown on a specific date that does NOT mean you will not be given one.

Once the fixtures for a month have been published, teams may close a date when they have not been allocated a fixture ONLY after receiving permission from me

Fixtures may be re-arranged or additional fixtures scheduled up to 5 days before the date of the match. Details will be e-mailed to affected clubs via Full Time.

Mid-week fixtures may be arranged throughout the season and if you have not closed a specific date you may be given a fixture.

After the initial publication of fixtures for teams at a higher level in the National League system, it is the responsibility of teams sharing grounds with those teams to notify me if their pitch becomes unavailable at short notice. If you share your facilities with teams from Junior Leagues our fixtures will take precedence.

If your facilities become unavailable for any reason, you must let me know by the 1st of the month prior to the month to which the unavailability applies or risk being charged with failing to fulfil any subsequently scheduled fixture.

Clubs may close a total of four Saturdays spread across all of their teams, and no closure requests will be accepted later than 1st of the month prior to the month in which the closure is requested. This does not apply to teams in the Premier Division who will not be allowed to close any dates except under exceptional circumstances and with the approval of the Management Committee.

When confirming fixtures or advising your opponents that a match is off or venue changed, your point of contact is the opponents FIXTURES SECRETARY not the manager of the opponents team.

If you have not played your opponents at their ground already, BEFORE contacting anyone else to notify them that the match is postponed due to weather or other conditions, you MUST CONTACT YOUR OPPONENTS to see if they have a pitch available and the match will then be switched and become their home fixture.

If you have already played them away, it would help if you would agreed to switch, in which case you will remain classified as the home team and have to make all the relevant telephone calls and payments. Please note Cup Rule 9 regarding postponed cup fixtures

Please note as per rule 20 (E) (iii) that if a team cannot fulfil a fixture, it is their responsibility to make all the notification telephone calls. E-MAILS OR TEXTS ARE NOT AN ACCEPTABLE METHOD OF CONVEYING THIS INFORMATION.

Permission must be given by me if you wish to play a match on a pitch/ground other than your normal pitch/ground or that of an opponent.

I must be notified of any changes to venues or kick-off times as soon as they are made so that the website can be updated.


You are urged to get yourself a Twitter account as that is one of the first places items relating to fixtures is posted. You should also make regular visits to the League website to keep up to date with information.

Peter Godfrey

Hon. Fixtures Secretary                                                                                                         July 2020