Player Registration Additional Information

Further to the Information shown below posted on 20 Jul 2021 please note the following

When your club is adding photographs to the WGS for registrations of your players , please add a clear head shot only not of the whole body.

Each club must have at least 11 players per team registered by 9th August of the current playing season

We are now advised that the Whole Game System for the registration of players is working correctly. We live in hope.

This season when you add your players to Whole Game System, you must submit with a photo of your player and a unique e-mail address for that player.

I will approve and confirm to your club that your players have been approved.

You require no signatures for your players this season

This season’s team sheet booklet/pad has been updated.

At the bottom of the pad it allows your club to report illegible players that are playing for the opposition.

All other registration rules in the handbook have not changed.

If you are still unsure on anything please contact.

Clive Cheeseman Registration Secretary