Promotion at end of May to Go Ahead

All teams have either played or results have been awarded for at least 50% of their fixtures.

All of our clubs should be applauded for their cooperation and help in making the EOFL one of the few Leagues in the Country to conclude their season in such a manner as to allow teams to be promoted from all divisions

The final tables will be calculated using PPG over the week-end of 29/30 May 2021. The new Constitution will be published on the website prior to the AGM on 10 June which is once again being held online using Teams.

All clubs have been sent forms relating to next season with a request for them to be returned by the end of June.

Every season we get a large number of matches postponed at the end of the season due to teams failing to fulfil fixtures. These inevitably affect promotion and relegation much to the annoyance of affected teams.

For this reason, and because there is still some uncertainty regarding next season due to Covid-19, it is being proposing that the 2021-2022 season starts on 07 August.

Many clubs have already returned their forms and indicated that their pitches are available from 07 August so it is hoped that this will be agreed.

As there are several new teams within the Constitution next season which will increase the number of matches, it will also be proposed that some mid-week matches are scheduled in August where pitches are available.