Referees Appointments System Season 2018/2019

As we move towards the 2018/2019 season all parties are reviewing the pilot process and have looked at how the model can be best taken forward in line with an evolving landscape of Saturday football.

At this early stage, it has been agreed with both Management Committees of the EOFL and the Mid Essex Football League (MEL) to continue to support the model across the two leagues to the benefit of match officials and member clubs of the leagues. It is the intention of both leagues to work closely together in the future to ensure the appointment of match officials continues to benefit the respective leagues and member clubs.

Therefore, from the start of the season 2018/19 the EOFL and MEL will jointly make and agree on the appointment of all match officials to fixtures across all divisions of their leagues. The main points of contact will be Kevin Pratt (EOFL – Referee Appointments Officer), Mark Irvine (EOFL – Assistant Referee & Under 21 Appointment Officer) and Bob Hurrell (MEFL – Referee Appointments Officer).

This will include an aligned registration process ahead of the 2018/2019 season of which further details will be released in line with the Essex FA referee registration time line, and further details on the system of pooling for the two leagues will be provided at this time.

For the rest of the current season the EOFL & MEL will continue to work with the CFA using the Pilot Scheme as a basis in appointing match officials to all fixtures in the league.

If you have any immediate questions please do not hesitate to contact your respective Referee Appointments Officer of the league.