New Referees Forms

Last updated: June 14th, 2022.

Referee and Assistant Referees Application Form

Below you will find a link to the new Referees/Asst. Referees Application Form which is in Excel format. Please download this form and save it to your computer.

Will you please complete this form, date it and either print it and post it or e-mail it to Chris McGovern

Referees/Asst. Referees Application Form

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Referees Result Sheet

Below you will find a link to the new Referees Result Sheet which is in Excel format. This form can be downloaded and saved it to your computer.

This new form has drop down menus for several areas that have to be completed

Please read the comprehensive guide on the first page of the workbook.

When you have completed this Result Sheet you should save it and then e-mail it to

You no longer have to send the Team Sheets in to Bernie as it will be the responsibility of the clubs to check their copies against the names entered by there opponents on the Full Time site.

You are however required to keep these sheets for 28 days as you may be asked to send them to the Registration Secretary if any queries are raised by one of the teams.

If you have any problems completing the form please contact Peter Godfrey

New Referees Result Sheet

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