The F.A. Matchday App & Entering Results/Stats

Matchday App

The new F.A. Matchday App is now available and this App allows the Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager or Assistant Team Manager to enter Results/Stats via this App instead of via Full Time.

It would appear that these are the only people at your club able to enter this information via the Matchday App. People at your club registered as Team Secretaries will continue to have to enter this information via Full Time.

The use of the Matchday App for entering Results/Stats is NOT mandatory nor is it compulsory for your Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager or Assistant Team Manager to use it.

However, if you wish your Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager or Assistant Team Manager to use this App you first have to register them in their appropriate role on the WGS system.

The Following pages may be of assistance

The Matchday Website. You can download the App from this page

The Matchday F.A.Q. page

If you have any questions you need to contact

You will need to supply your Name, FAN Number, Club and League when you send an e-mail.


It should be noted that it is up to clubs to ensure that the Results/Stats entered are correct, as once the system has been locked by the League changes cannot be made. This is to avoid clubs changing the list of players who played in order to meet requirements for Cup matches.

The time line for entering Results/Stats is as follows

1. In accordance with rule 21 (A), within four days of a match being played the Results/Stats for that match must be entered on the Full Time system either via Full Time or via the Matchday App.

2. Any team that has not entered the Results/Stats within this period may find themselves being charged as it is important for their team details to be available for the opposition to check against the team sheet and the suspended player list.

3. If a team signed a player on “on the day”, they will be given a further 3 days to enter that player into the Results/Stats. If there is a problem with doing this you must contact Peter Godfrey before the end of this period to let him know.

4. At the end of this period the Results/Stats will be locked and no further entries or changes to the entries will be allowed. This includes the entry of any “signed on the day” players as 7 days should be ample to allow this to be done.

Kick-off Times & Venues

The Matchday App also gives the people able to use it the opportunity to change kick-off times and venues.


If you wish to make any changes to the kick-off time or venue, your clubs Fixtures Secretary must first contact the League Fixtures Secretary for permission.

Please Note

Some team details have already been entered incorrectly this season so please note the following

The maximum number of starting players is 11

The maximum number of substitutes that can be used is 3 in the senior divisions and 5 in the under 21 division.

If you have any problems entering your Results/Stats via Full Time, you should contact Peter Godfrey